Trip To PJ Digital Mall

It all started like any other day, boring day, where I’ve just finished my class and was driving home from my school. Suddenly while waiting for traffic light at the big intersection at Jalan Ampang, the stupid commercial of Digital Mall popped up in my mind (the one where the security guard danced like rock star).

Now, being a geek that I am, I couldn’t forgive myself for not even visiting the 2nd lowyat plaza in town, and I don’t even need to drive all the way to town (from my house, I know I was already in town … smartass). So I called up a friend of mine, and ask for directions to go there. After 30 mins, there I was – Digital Mall @ PJ Section 14.

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Actually all that crap about me having to go there was just an excuse for me to spend some money that I have too much in my bank (NOT !!) I wanted to buy an MP3 player for quite some time now ever since I lost my Wewa MP3 Player a long time ago.

Wewa WMP-317+ 256 MB MP3 Player

So, there I was walking aimlessly. Checking out hot sales and hot chicks. And I am really impress by the variety of gadgets they have in Digital Mall. From handphones to pda, thumbdrive to external hardisks, pirated and non-pirated DVDs, and even Encyclopedias!! And then I stumbled upon this ~

Philips GoGear SA 1355 1GB

It was on promotion was selling at RM199. While I was looking at the specs, then come this cute sales promoter. Man, she’s one of the cutest promoters working there, and then my heart “was skip a beat”. I think I had a crush on her … which explains why I gave in and bought the mp3 player from her at the end … hahaha !!

Don’t roll your eyes yet because there’s ample scientific proofs that sex cues ruin men’s decisiveness. So that only proves that there’s a 100% of pure manliness within me 🙂

But I can’t deny that it was quite a good deal for me. Check out the full specs here. Apart from the variety of functions and the reliability of the brand, the super sleak black and metal look just makes it that much cooler.

Some of the highlights of this piece of gadget is that it has 10 hrs of continues playing capability, FM/Mic voice recording, internal rechargable battery which uses the same USB port, 1GB storage, and most important of all I think it’s a value for money buy.

Some other MP3 players around that price range might be of betters specs, but most of them are China branded. Not that Philips products are not made in China, but I had a Philips headset for more than 4 years now and it still sound pretty decent after all those full volumn blasting. So, I think it all comes down to who is handling the quality control of the products.

All right, here are some photos of my new baby …

Packaging …

Things inside …

Close up … See how cool is the reflection?

Closer …

Turned on with screensaver running …

Inside pouch …

*sniff sniff* Mmmm …. Don’t you love the smell of fresh gadget just out of the package.

Okay now, time to access the damage to my wallet.

MP3 Player : RM199
MP3 FM Modulator so that I can play the songs in my car : RM65
MP3 Player Pouch to prevent scratches : RM 23
Notebook Coolpad I stumbled upon after my “decisiveness” ruined by cute promoter : RM30

Satisfaction of not having to listen to the radio anymore while driving : Priceless

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