The world is fulled of big babies

== Deleted ==

This entry is being deleted because it represents one of the darker chapters of my life. And while it represents only my own personnal opinions and emotional outbursts in cyberspace, the devastation had proven to be as real as it can get.

I hereby sincerely apologize for all that I’ve said and done. Knowing full well that what I did can never be undone, one day I will come before God and all I can say is that I was a immature, selfish and self-centered bastard.

Dear Lord I come before you as a sinner, who is not worthy of all your blessings. I ask for Your forgiveness when I cast aside the wonderful blessings that You’ve given me as if it was dirt. I ask for Your grace as I repent and confess to You that I had indeed taken for granted all the blessings that You’ve given me. And I pray that Lord, You will teach me and mold me, like a father teaching his son, as I submit myself to You and Your will. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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