The world is fulled of big babies Pt. II

I am blessed with a plentiful life. Maybe not with all the riches of the world, but definately with the abundance of friends that I hold dear to my heart. Praise God.

Yet like a big baby, I demand more and more of what was given to me by grace. Asking for things which I do not deserve. Like a baby, who drop the icecream in his hands trying to grab the toy in front of him. Shamelessly.

Broken promisses. Shamelessly.

God if it is Your will, please take away those things that I do not deserve, and I will obey without a single word of complain. For I can no longer bare the pain of knowing what I did, and the guilt and shame of hurting those who I hold dear to my heart.

The world is full of big babies like me. And I am forever a baby before the Lord, as He hold my hand and walked me towards Him.

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