The persuit of a life without glasses

I’ve been looking and following the developement of LASIK surgery for quite a while now.

It used to be a Hollywood extravagance where the treatment was so expensive that only movie stars could afford it. Not to mention it was quite dangerous at that time.

According to research done by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) in 2003, 18% of LASIK patients needed retreatment ( So almost 1 out of 10 LASIK patients do not get what they want.

I can imagine why with the technology 5 years ago, where eye alignment correction technology was not really good.

It simply means that the machine doesn’t follow your eye movement very efficiently during your surgery. Imagine the lasers are burning your eyes and suddenly your eyes moved and the machine kept on burning … like a DVD burner gone haywire.

Spoilt la your eyes like that.

One day I heard my friend went for LASIK and she said that the centre is quite well known and reliable. So I decided to go and check it out.

It’s called the Centre For Sight. It has branches in PJ Taman Megah, Rawang, Klang and the United Kingdom.

I went to the one in PJ. I went in and told them I want to know about the procedure for go for LASIK.

So Linda, a Business Development Exec, came to my assistance and explained the entire process of pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery.

Basically I need to go through a series of check-ups to determine the conditions of my eyes and whether my eyes are suitable for LASIK surgery. I agreed and she signed me up for the check-up.

The check-up will take around 1.5 hrs time, whereby the conditions of your eyes such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism as accurately measured down to 0.01 accuracy (normal eyewear shop will only measure up to 0.25 accuracy) by the Wavescan Wavefront System.

Then some they put some Mydriatic drops to make your pupils dilate, so that the doctor can examine the inside of your eyes.

Now, this was the only part that it started to get abit uncomfortable. Basically with your pupils dilated, your eyes will be Super sensitive to lights. And the doctor need to shine bright light into your eyes to examine it … so be prepared to cry uncontrollably 🙂

The doctor advised me to go for a less invasive procedure called the Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) because the conditions for my eyes are reletively minor. As compared to LASEK, it doesn’t require a flap to be created on my cornea.

The recovery however is slower than LASEK, which means I will only be able to see the 100% results in a few weeks time as compared to LASEK, which takes just days.

Now, for the $$$ it involves.

Pre-surgery examination : RM 100 (refundable if decide to go for surgery)
Surgery : RM 5176 for both eyes (RM 4676 – if sign up within this promotion month, and available for 1 year 0% interest repayment with a few selected bank’s credit card)

Conclusion is that I think its a pretty good deal for me, and knowing that the centre uses an FDA approved procedure adds assurance that I will get what I want from this surgery.

The only thing left is for me to find extra RM 500 every month to pay my loan …

** BOSS !! If you’re reading this, you know what to do right ???? Give me a raise !!! ***

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