The life that follows

You have stopped talking to me. I know its hard for both of us when we need time and space to forget about each other. Or maybe I’m just naive in thinking that we could remain as close friends who once shared each others life’s stories.

You said to me that you’re relieved and you have a lot of things to look forward to. I’m happy for you. I’m glad I didn’t made it worse like last time.

It seems like it all turned out to be just like what your friends had told you before, that we wouldn’t stand a chance together. And seeing you happy and relieved just confirms that even more.

I don’t know why God brought you into my life. There’s something special about you the first time I saw you. I guess I was in love with you too since a long long time ago.

And now that you’ve started to keep away from me in anyway you can, I couldn’t help but to wonder about how your life’s been.

I miss you so much … I would give anything to bring you back … but it isn’t enough it is? It just wasn’t meant to be isn’t it?

You’re a big girl, I respect your decision and will honour my promises to you. I pray for both of us that God will ease our pain and help us move on with our lives.

But you hold the key to my heart, and now with you gone, I’m afraid that my heart will never be opened again.

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