Terry Fox Run KL

After reading about the Terry Fox Run KL on Kenny‘s blog, I decided for the first time in my life to join a charity marathon run.

I dun like to walk, let alone run. I slipped and fell and landed on my arse a few days ago (dun ask me how … too embarrassing). I’m now with a sprained left forth and little toe; and I have a huge pain in my ass (no pun intended). I have 2 assignments due next week and they’re not even close to finishing.

Under such circumstances, you might think that “Hey, wth am I doing running around Lake Garden in a Sunday morning, where most of us just came back from clubbing a few hours ago and still sleeping like a pig. Somemore got pain-in-the-arse and sprained-left-forth-and-little-toe and don’t-like-to-walk and 2-assignment-due-next-week.”

Well, the reason is because, he did it.

Terry Fox (Curtosy of www.terryfoxrun.org)

When Terry Fox was 19 years old, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer; and doctors have to amputate his right leg.

After witnessing the pain and suffering of cancer patients, he started the Marathon of Hope to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

He ran 42 km each day for 143 days, a grand total of 5,373 km, before he had to quit after being diagnosed with bone cancer in his lungs.

Terry Fox died one month short of his 23rd birth day.

Now, tell me, after knowing that Terry Fox ran 42 km a day for 143 days, with a prosthetic leg and bone cancer in his lungs. Is there any valid reason for me not to take up the run? Just because of a small pain-in-the-arse and sprained-left-forth-and-little-toe and don’t-like-to-walk and 2-assignment-due-next-week?


I don’t want to look like a pu**y.


I’m a man without fear !!!

Terry Fox Run … here I come !!!

P/s : Those who are interested can pre-register here.

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