Small Childrens and Big Babies

I’m sensing the massive killer intent and death treats coming in my way due to yesterday’s clubbing post. Well, for those who wants to hold a grudge against me, I got 3 words for you … PLEASE GROW UP

I couldn’t imagine what more they would expect from me. I didn’t show their faces in the photos, I did not mention names, time and venue. In fact, I wouldn’t put it up even if you asked me to (well, maybe). But the point is that, why are you being so sensitive?

I remember a time when I was still a kid, when I would really get pissed off, and be all emotional when people calls me “little white face” (because I don’t like the sun and thus my skin is fairer than the snow). But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, that after a while, I find it so ridiculous to even bother about it. I accepted the fact that I’m fair, and this is who and what I am, and I have no complains about it.

Then again, coming back to those “so-called” victims of defamation. What have I actually done? I did not call u bad names, since there was no name mentioned. I did not say that you are a bad person, because I’m there with you doing the same thing and calling u bad would really hurt my reputation. In fact, I just show that we are enjoying the night so much that we had really a lot of fun.

So to those big babies out there who still wants to pick a fight and cry out injustice. The only rational reason I could think of why you are doing that is – YOU ARE REALLY INSECURE ABOUT YOURSELF. There couldn’t be any other reasons.

YOU decided to go clubbing, YOU decided to get drunk (while having fun), and yet you cringed after hearing what you did from other people’s mouth. If you will not be proud of what you did, then why did you do it in the first place? DO what you want to do and be PROUD of it.

I might be sarcastic, but you are just cynical.

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