Been sick since Monday, starting from food poisoning to severe cough, fever & throat infection. Man, I felt so sick about all those different symptoms that I feel like creating an entirely new blog category dedicated just for it @[email protected]

Somehow I managed to tough it up until Thursday and I finally got to a point where I think I would end up in the hospital if I don’t take a day off to rest.

So immediately after class I went to see the doctor. It was around 10.20pm.

Blarrrdy hell !!! There’s NOT ONE clinic that opens 24 hrs in my housing area. How pethetic is that? So you mean I have to wait until the next morning then only die issit? There should be a law against this, dammit!

So I had to drive all the way to Taman Kepong to see to a doctor. And then I had to put up with some of the slowest-working nurse I’ve ever seen.

It was around 10.30pm then, so obviously there’s no one else except me. It took them a full 10 minutes to find a pen, find my record card, find the doctor, walk around, dissapear, who knows what else?

I mean come on, somebody’s dying here!! Just find my card, and let me see the doctor!! It should have taken less than 3 minutes.

Finally I got my meds, and late hour rate for my consultation fees, and dragged my ass home.

At the end of the day, I have 6 types of pills and 1 cough syrup, and it costs me RM80 in total T_T …


Managed to get a good rest today, and feeling much better. Special thanks to my mom for making sure I’m well fed with porridge.

My dinner tonight … Meat and potato porridge !!

Thank you mom !!

Moral of the story is,

Food Poisoning = Diarrhea + Vomiting
=> Throat Infection + Cough + Fever
=> 6 Pills + 1 Syrup
=> RM80


*sigh* …..

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