Trying to get a feel of Joomla. Installed it but didn’t get much done. Anyone wants to share abit of their Joomla experience?

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My road is better

One day, Ahmad was chating with Ah Kau.

Ahmad : You know? The road in front of my house is so good. It’s very wide, so wide even if you double parking on both side there’s still space to let a car through. It’s very beautiful, got flowers and trees at the side of the road. And when you pass through it, its like gateway to heaven.

Ah Kau : Thats nice. You know? The road in front of my house is not that good. It’s so small that onli motobike can go through. It’s very ugly and there are sewers at both side, and they stink all the time. BUT, I think my road is much more better than you road.


Because my road got cock. And yours doesn’t.



Ahmad : ….

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The thing with the thumb

Saw this at one of the clinics that I’ve went to a while back …

Use your THUMB to talk to your doctors about Erection Difficulties today!

Some funny shit going on here in this clinic … (@[email protected])a

Maybe they got their inspiration from the Mr Bean movie.


LMAO !!!

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God Bless Their Soul

I’m deeply sadden by the recent events that happened in Myanmar. I’m more sadden by the fact that this has to happen in the first place.


Lives were lost, blood shed. All because the Government doesn’t give a shit of what the people wants. And finally, it happened – The Saffron Revolution.

This is pure example of what would go wrong if the government doesn’t do what the people wants. Removing the subsidies on fuel (where the money comes from the people itself) and increasing fuel price as much as 500% ? Even the monks can’t stand it anymore! We need V …

People shouldn’t be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people.

The Junta might argue that Myanmar, like every other country in the world, decides the means to operate itself.

But what kind of moral values are we instilling into their future generations? That violence is the ultimate solution to all our problems? When all else fails we still have our guns and batons in our hands? That we can force submission and ignore the freedom of will?

Its like beating a child to do what you want them to do that YOU THINK is good for them. Or worse, because they don’t obey you.


Doesn’t work that way. That’s why I don’t believe in child beating 🙂

I think Myanmarese are in a mixed emotions now. They are sad because their beloved country and homeland are in chaos, but they are also happy because this is the country’s best chance of revolution demanding democracy since the Aung San Suu Kyi uprising in 1988.

I pray that no one else is getting hurt. I pray that Myanmar will restore its peace. I pray that the people in Myanmar gets what they deserve. And may God bless all people in Myanmar. Amen.

Post Note :
Visit Nyein Chan Yar’s blog & Ko Htike’s blog for more pictures and videos.

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Don’t Sue Me Citreon ….

Sue the guy who made this … or the gal who sent this to my email 😛

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Its the day after Halo 3

No wonder half the world is not at work today.

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Having a dream tonight?

I don’t usually gamble, and I’ve only bought 4-digits-numbers like 3-4 times in my life. Not because I’m trying to set a good example, but because I suck at it.

I still remember at the FIFA World Cup 1998 and I used to “tumpang” my friend’s betting, and turns out everytime I “tumpang” him he “tumbang”.

Nothing had changed since that day until today, I tried my luck with the wedding car plate number last week together with my friends, and … nobody won a single cent.

But, I stumbled upon something quite interesting when I was checking through Magnum’s website.

Check this out,

First go to the website, click on “What Numbers ToBuy”

Yes, they actually tell you do buy certain numbers. So now you know why you lost your money?

Apparently here they have a whole bunch of forecasting methods to help you conjure up your sacred 4 digits. Now here’s the fun part.

Go to Treasure Chest. And you’ll see this


You can put in your dreams last night and there’s a number that corresponds to it !!! How neat is that !!!

We all know that there’s a sacret Chinese book called the 通圣 (Tong Seng), and nobody knows how to read it accept the 3 aunties and 6 grandmothers and fungshui masters. 通圣 (Tong Seng) is a book that generally tells you what are the auspicious time or bad time of any day of the year. It has also a section that translate any incidents that you encounter into a number.

But on a website? Wow!! This is Globalization, Webalization, Electronification and Translation at its best man!!

So if you dream of something say … having sex with your colleague at the office. No problem, key in “sex in the office” and press GO. Eureka~!!!


Isn’t this awesome?!! I no longer have to scratch my head and ask what was that dream yesterday about. Just go and check it in Magnum’s website. The dream tells you that YOU NEED TO BUY A NUMBER!!!

If you don’t understand english, nevermind. They got picture to illustrate somemore.

Got to hand it to them la. No wonder Magnum make millions out of this gambling business.

It goes the other way round too. Check out what your car number means !!!


Basically my car number means my headlights are smashed


How can I dream something bad happening to my car??? No wonder I can’t win this thing ….

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Leave Britney Alone!!!

OMG … Have you guys seen this??

The first thing that pops up in my mind is – “is that a he or a she” ….

And then I saw this …..



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This is the dawn of a new era of social networking~!!!

For those who don’t know better, there’s a new service in town that will revolutionize the way we communicate with our circle of friends.

PacMee is the latest trend in the industry of social bookmarking websites. PAC stands for Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication, and Mee stands for Hokkien Mee … (don’t ask why, I won’t answer because of my pride)

Basically it is a tool that will allow you to communicate with a large number of people (depending on the number of people who’s following your account) using mobile/internet shoutouts.

Now imagine that you want to go for Bak Kut Teh tonight,

Coutesy of Malaysia Food Talk

and you want to ask 10 people to come and join you. Imagine the pain in the ass to sms/call those 10 people and ask them one by one.

With PacMee, and with your friends registered to follow your account, you just need to send a Shoutout. Then all of your friends will get the message. Only at the cost of 1 sms !!

Of course this service comes with a price, a huge price indeed, as huge as 5 oxcart wheel (because 1 sen is as big as an oxcart wheel … get it?). Yes 5 cents per Shoutout. PacMee will charge you 50 cents per 10 shoutouts.

How much is it to follow a Shoutout? RM0.25 per month. Man that’s too much!! I don’t even carry that much of coins in my pocket 😛

So, bottom line is … is so freaking CHEAP to post and follow shoutouts. I mean a beggar can follow my shoutouts if he wants to (if he can afford a handphone in the first place)

I just got mine, and its very easy to put the widget in your website (oh did I mention you can follow PacMee online?) So if you can’t afford RM0.25 per month to subscribe to follow my Shoutouts on SMS, just hang around my website all day and wait 😛

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Been sick since Monday, starting from food poisoning to severe cough, fever & throat infection. Man, I felt so sick about all those different symptoms that I feel like creating an entirely new blog category dedicated just for it @[email protected]

Somehow I managed to tough it up until Thursday and I finally got to a point where I think I would end up in the hospital if I don’t take a day off to rest.

So immediately after class I went to see the doctor. It was around 10.20pm.

Blarrrdy hell !!! There’s NOT ONE clinic that opens 24 hrs in my housing area. How pethetic is that? So you mean I have to wait until the next morning then only die issit? There should be a law against this, dammit!

So I had to drive all the way to Taman Kepong to see to a doctor. And then I had to put up with some of the slowest-working nurse I’ve ever seen.

It was around 10.30pm then, so obviously there’s no one else except me. It took them a full 10 minutes to find a pen, find my record card, find the doctor, walk around, dissapear, who knows what else?

I mean come on, somebody’s dying here!! Just find my card, and let me see the doctor!! It should have taken less than 3 minutes.

Finally I got my meds, and late hour rate for my consultation fees, and dragged my ass home.

At the end of the day, I have 6 types of pills and 1 cough syrup, and it costs me RM80 in total T_T …


Managed to get a good rest today, and feeling much better. Special thanks to my mom for making sure I’m well fed with porridge.

My dinner tonight … Meat and potato porridge !!

Thank you mom !!

Moral of the story is,

Food Poisoning = Diarrhea + Vomiting
=> Throat Infection + Cough + Fever
=> 6 Pills + 1 Syrup
=> RM80


*sigh* …..

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