This is the dawn of a new era of social networking~!!!

For those who don’t know better, there’s a new service in town that will revolutionize the way we communicate with our circle of friends.

PacMee is the latest trend in the industry of social bookmarking websites. PAC stands for Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication, and Mee stands for Hokkien Mee … (don’t ask why, I won’t answer because of my pride)

Basically it is a tool that will allow you to communicate with a large number of people (depending on the number of people who’s following your account) using mobile/internet shoutouts.

Now imagine that you want to go for Bak Kut Teh tonight,

Coutesy of Malaysia Food Talk

and you want to ask 10 people to come and join you. Imagine the pain in the ass to sms/call those 10 people and ask them one by one.

With PacMee, and with your friends registered to follow your account, you just need to send a Shoutout. Then all of your friends will get the message. Only at the cost of 1 sms !!

Of course this service comes with a price, a huge price indeed, as huge as 5 oxcart wheel (because 1 sen is as big as an oxcart wheel … get it?). Yes 5 cents per Shoutout. PacMee will charge you 50 cents per 10 shoutouts.

How much is it to follow a Shoutout? RM0.25 per month. Man that’s too much!! I don’t even carry that much of coins in my pocket 😛

So, bottom line is … is so freaking CHEAP to post and follow shoutouts. I mean a beggar can follow my shoutouts if he wants to (if he can afford a handphone in the first place)

I just got mine, and its very easy to put the widget in your website (oh did I mention you can follow PacMee online?) So if you can’t afford RM0.25 per month to subscribe to follow my Shoutouts on SMS, just hang around my website all day and wait 😛

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