New Years Eve… so what

Lets see… what have i done on the last day of 2005…

8.30 A.M – Waked Up. Looked at my alarm and puzzled. Stared at the clock for 5 seconds, then remembered i have appointment with my personnal trainer. Dang~ there goes my beauty sleep.

9.00 A.M – Reached gym. Start to work out. 2 weeks never see the place already. My trainer said i look fat (Shit!!). Simply no stamina. Did 30 mins already dead tired. Sat at the bar counter and ordered a drink.

10.00 A.M – Draged my body to shower.

10.20 A.M – Left the gym. Decided to walk around 1 Utama (my gym at 1Utama) before going to work (yea.. i have to work today)

10.40 A.M – Decided wat the heck. Dun feel like working. Went to cinema bought ticket to see "Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"

10.50 A.M – Bought myself a 1901 chicken hotdog at the cinema’s bar as breakfast. Wait for the cinema to open its seatings.

11.00 A.M – Went into the cinema. Damn bored commercials. So took a picture of the ticket. Dsc00112_1

12:30 P.M – Finished the movie. Nice movie. Plastercine animation art. Funny Dog.

12.45 P.M – Drive to work.

1.45 P.M – Start to work.

2.15 P.M – Boring like hell. Only me in the office. Take pictures…

"No one starts on the top of the world. Not me, not you, not even gods.
But the unbearable vacancy of the throne in the sky is over."

" From now on… I will be sitting on it…"

Bleach Manga Chapter 178 😛

2.30 P.M – Continue to work… Time goes by so slowly…

8.30 P.M – Drive home to have the year’s last dinner.

9.15 P.M – Eat dinner with mom & dad. What a peaceful & happy new year’s eve.

9.40 P.M – Watch TV. Waiting for i-Robot to show on Star Movies (Astro Channel 42)

10.10 P.M – Watch i-Robot  58m_1

12.00 P.M – i-Robot finished. People starting to lite up fireworks. Feel hungry. Mom & dad ask me to go supper. Sweet~

12.10 A.M – Went to restorant. Order ikan bakar. First time i heard a fish call "chicken fish". Actually really tasted like chicken. Nice fish~!  Have to drink hot chinese tea coz of cough, so hav to toast with chinese tea. Then we chit-chat this, 8-8 here, 8-8 there…

2.30 A.M – Mom meets a old colleague at the restaurant. So tat aunty join us. Then mom & dad start to talk old time story. Not interested. Bored

4.30 A.M – Damn tired listening to lots of bored stuff… finally mom & dad decided to go home. RELIEVED…. Drove home

4.45 A.M – Eyes canot open, wash face, brush teeth, sleep.

New Year’s Eve jeh mah… so what


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