New May Resolution

Looking back at the blog, i really felt that time goes by in a blink of an eye. Its been 4 months since ive written anything, yet it seems like just yesterday. Lets cover abit of what I’ve really done in the past few months :-

January – Still enjoying the fresh feelings of a new year. With new things and new toughts for the new year. Felt like beginning over again, where a chance to redeem what had not been fulfilled last year looked so promising. Started to plan on the date where i want to resign my current job, and try to change to a different enviroment. Change is Good. Makes you alert, forcing yourself to learn new things. Change is Good.

February – Basically CNY mood throughout the month. Decided to quit the job by a full 2 years of working, which is by the end of April. Went back to visit some relatives during CNY. Try to remember how "Fu Chiu" dialect sounds like, before i forget the essence of my family roots. As usual, take some Ang pow, throw some Gong Xi Fat Chai. Seems like a deja vu i had every year. Told my boss my plan to resign by April, trying to sound heavy hearted to leave the company, and try to convince my boss this time im going for real. Though at the end i had a feeling that my boss didnt really took it seriously (bad decision … sigh).

March – Due to some persuasions and symphatetic reasons, decided to extend my stay in BusinessQuest (my company) until the end of April… most reluctantly. Dead tired of working in a company that hasn’t a vision nor a goal, too long i’ve stayed and given chance for my boss to prove himself to be worthy of my commitment to stay. I’ve waited too long. Carrying the excess baggage to too long. Counting my days in the office, waiting for the final day which i will be delivered from my old baggage. Can’t wait to leave the baggage behind and start to mind my own business. Yes. Long have i decided that i should work start working for myself as soon as possible. It is waste of effort and commitment to work under someone else, and not getting what you deserve. Boss havnt started to advertise for job vacancy. Sick of it.

April – Finally at pass the April Fools mark. Started to finallize everything for my client before I leave. Still have a faint(false) hope that my boss will be able to get someone in before i leave. Further confirmed that the incompetance of my boss is really more than i can bare. Start to think of life in a different way, and think more about myself and my future. Need to take the FREAKIN’ FIRST STEP out of this mess. If you know your in a mess, GET OUT. STEP OUT. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. How do you expect to change without changing what you’re doing? The last day of my work seemed sooo far away. Long for a change and a fresh start.

So… whats next? Whats the next move out of the mess, the eternal firepit thats burning my ass? After a few months of head-scratching and toss-turning in bed, ive finally decided. It was a decision that will change my life forever (or so i believe). My New May’s Resolution towards the end of the year. A resolution which i will only share among a few which i trust and made commitment to them that i will definately achieve my goals…

The End is now, the end of my old self. And tomorrow, is a new Beginning.

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