I feel like I’ve wasted 3 hours of my life (including writing this post), which I’m never going to get it back, on something totally retarded and useless.

After reading a post on NicoleKiss’s website about the new IM called Moji from TM net, I decided to use the opportunity to approach her check out the technology behind this virtual pet thingy.

Apparently, the term IM is actually referring to Intelligent Messenger, as to Instant Messenger according to MOR(F) Dynamics. According to them, Moji is the world’s first real-time 3D instant messenger, where users create and customize 3D pets and characters that can understand natural human language and therefore can chat, interact and react with users in real time (read more here if you need to fall asleep).

So, being a geek that I am, I got excited and wanted to see how many bugs I can find how it works. So, there I was, downloading the installer (85,395KB) from their website, and got Mojikan installed on my PC. And walla … Moji !!


It will catch butterfly.


It will answer if you talk to him.


It will gather fruits.


And it will die …


Dying …


Dead …

(I need to create a new yellow Moji coz I already killed the red one)

Look ma~!! I just found a new way to torture and kill cute animals with 4 ears by starving them to death!!

Apparently you need to buy Sparx, which are food to your Moji. And you guessed it right, you need to PAY to buy them. And you buy them with MK.


You’ll get some free Sparx for starters. But after that you need to pay for it.

So sooner or later, you will hear people applying for credit cards and say “Oh.. I need to buy Sparx to feed my Moji. Oh, my Moji is so cute. I need to get a credit card and suck TMnet’s dick …”

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