Protected: Leadership Assignment Interview

Sorry guys, I thought I can convert it into MP3 and send it to you all by email. But it turns out that the converted MP3s are around 100MB of size.

So I had to upload the AMR version of the recordings, along with the software that converts it into WAV file, which you can simply open it with Windows Media Player.

Download the ZIP file and follow the instructions below to convert it.

Step 1: Unzip on your PC and you will find yourself with the following files –

  • Randy Interview.amr
  • History_of_company.amr

Step 2: Unzip to get MobAmrCon14-setup.exe, run the installer and install the converter

Step 3: Open the program Mobile Amr Converter, which should be located in your Programs -> MIKSOFT -> Mobile Amr Converter

Step 4:


…… after that ……


Step 5: You should now have the WAV version of the AMR file.

Call me if you need any help 😛

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