Langkawi ’06

And I quote from WikiTravel ….

The name "Langkawi" is believed to be related to the kingdom of Langkasuka, itself a version of the Malay  negari alang-kah suka ("the land of all one’s wishes"), centered in modern-day Kedah .

And INDEED u WILL get all you wish for in the land of all one’s wished – Cheap liquor, Cheap tobacco, Hot Chicks, Sandy Beach, Poluted Sea, and last but not least – Holy Shit PENGUINS!!!

And you can see/get all those with a bunch of friends!! What else could you wished for?


Btw, these cute litter buggers are to be found at the Underwater World Langkawi. They are great great swimmers, but i can definately tell you that they act more like a chicken out of the water.

So cute until it attracts cute pll too. My gf played with them on the glass window almost for 10 mins 😛



We went to Pulau Payah on our trip. Woke up at 8.30am, ate breakfast, change into our bathing suit and took a bus to the jeti.

Our boat ride was around 10am (i think, coz i din bring watch or handphone) and took us about 45 mins to get to the island.

The boat ride was fun though, coz you can step up to the upper deck and u can go outside and enjoy the wind.

I think Judy enjoyed the most, coz she’s acting like she’s on a yatch or something, see? (haha.. just kidding k)


So, then we reached our destination. A part of the beach where they set up a perimeter to protect the fishes & few corals that survived the humanization(polutions) the this small stretch of shallow waters.


We reached there, jumped into our snorkelling gear, and then into the sea. And believe it or not, those crazy people are feeding SHARKS & BARRACUDAS in the very water that we snorkel in. Holy shit.

Sharks i can understand, because they are reef sharks, virtually harmless if u leave them alone.

But Barracudas, man, those guys can snaps of your hands or fingers merely for their liking. Meaning, they are just plain aggressive animals.

Just for you info, they look like this :-


and these are the ones that are NOT angry…

And they are feeding it, right in front of us man!! Crazy… but still… it was one hell of an experience. Just to give u a feel of the MAYHEM of feeding frenzy (see the shark?)


Man the fishes are literally jumping out of the water to get their food!!


We were there until 3 something (i think), then it was time to go back to Langkawi.

Another of the must see places in Langkawi is the Oriental Village. Inside this Oriental Village, there are merchandise shops selling traditional clothings, over-priced hand-made crafts, understandably enought the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and THE LANGKAWI CABLE CAR.

This cable car thingy will haul you up to some 2,100ft, on top of a mountain at the centre of Langkawi Island. You will have a panoramic view of the whole island, how cool is tat?

Here are some breath-taking views that ive taken from the top of the mountain.




Anothe interesting thing you’ll find on top of the mountain is , believe it or not, a suspension bridge that hangs over a mountain valley!!


And it was amazing standing on the bridge, and the constant gust of wind gushing throught the mountain valley. One word, awe.


Some facts about the suspension bridge.


And then i captured something funny..



Hahahahahhahahaa… Damn funny~!!!!!!!!!!

Theres a lot more in this trip but im just too lazy to write all of them down here. *yawn* As a summary, it was a superb vacation and i look forward to my next one.

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