Trying to get a feel of Joomla. Installed it but didn’t get much done. Anyone wants to share abit of their Joomla experience?

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  • Syed

    I’ve been developing Joomla portal for my new joined company. Blogged about in on my blog. I’m currently working on a joomla component for project management and to train staff on how to utilize the portal. Soon will be working on integration between open source and proprietary system. Busy..busy..busy… :roll:

  • Jimmy

    Cool ~ I wanted to try it out also because I might need to customize CMS also for NI-Limits clients in the future. Are you writing a review on Joomla?? I would love to wait for that 😛

  • Syed

    I wrote about How I Convinced My Company to Use Joomla CMS initially. I’ll write about my Joomla experience once I get the ball rolling faster though..:wink: