Having a dream tonight?

I don’t usually gamble, and I’ve only bought 4-digits-numbers like 3-4 times in my life. Not because I’m trying to set a good example, but because I suck at it.

I still remember at the FIFA World Cup 1998 and I used to “tumpang” my friend’s betting, and turns out everytime I “tumpang” him he “tumbang”.

Nothing had changed since that day until today, I tried my luck with the wedding car plate number last week together with my friends, and … nobody won a single cent.

But, I stumbled upon something quite interesting when I was checking through Magnum’s website.

Check this out,

First go to the website, click on “What Numbers ToBuy”

Yes, they actually tell you do buy certain numbers. So now you know why you lost your money?

Apparently here they have a whole bunch of forecasting methods to help you conjure up your sacred 4 digits. Now here’s the fun part.

Go to Treasure Chest. And you’ll see this


You can put in your dreams last night and there’s a number that corresponds to it !!! How neat is that !!!

We all know that there’s a sacret Chinese book called the 通圣 (Tong Seng), and nobody knows how to read it accept the 3 aunties and 6 grandmothers and fungshui masters. 通圣 (Tong Seng) is a book that generally tells you what are the auspicious time or bad time of any day of the year. It has also a section that translate any incidents that you encounter into a number.

But on a website? Wow!! This is Globalization, Webalization, Electronification and Translation at its best man!!

So if you dream of something say … having sex with your colleague at the office. No problem, key in “sex in the office” and press GO. Eureka~!!!


Isn’t this awesome?!! I no longer have to scratch my head and ask what was that dream yesterday about. Just go and check it in Magnum’s website. The dream tells you that YOU NEED TO BUY A NUMBER!!!

If you don’t understand english, nevermind. They got picture to illustrate somemore.

Got to hand it to them la. No wonder Magnum make millions out of this gambling business.

It goes the other way round too. Check out what your car number means !!!


Basically my car number means my headlights are smashed


How can I dream something bad happening to my car??? No wonder I can’t win this thing ….

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