Happy Merdeka

Moaning out of my bed today after being woken up by the sound of military jets flying over my house.

Its a nice and sunny day today. Anyone listen to Badawi’s speech yesterday on the TV (or live maybe) ?? Wow, can that guy really give a speech!! The power and the way of presenting the speech is so great, that I can only stand listening to it for no more than 20 seconds before falling asleep ……

It sounded like a computer generated monotone voice with no pitch adjustment. How can a leader speak like that? I mean a primary school speech competition is more exciting than this.

Remember a few days back when Badawi gave a speech about how the Iskandar Developement Region (IDR) is going to be the medical and education hub of the whole world? He turned to Hishammuddin, and asked him “Can we do it in one year? Can do it right?”. Of course our minister of education answer yes (knowing fully that its impossible with only 1 stupid year). Then our good PM continued to address the crowd “Yes, I believe that we can get the first one out by 2011”

Hallo bro, next year is 2008 la OK? I bet all the newspaper reporters there are having a big SWEAT drop and showing the -_- face.

We have a leader that cannot even lead himself … Happy 50th birthday Malaysia! This is by far your best birthday gift EVER …. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! *snore*


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