Happy Birth-2-days

A lot of you might be wondering why it is that after so long being absent in this blog, i finally came back, with a post that has a rediculous title, and under the Web/Tech category.

Well, to be honest with you, its because that im still jumping up and down on my bed, out of joy and excitement, to the addition of a new family member in my house.

I just cant describe the feeling of being able to take it around the house, or put it inside a bag and just take my beloved pet out on the streets 🙂

Yes, as some of you might guessed it already…. say hello to my new LAPTOP!!!!!


Happy Birth-2-days!!!

It came to me 2 das ago, on a faithful Thursday morning. A phone call from an unknown h/p number woke me up. The conversation goes like this :


Unknown male : Hello good morning. Is this Mr. Ngu Yu Chun.

Me : Yes

Unknown male : Errr.. you have ordered a Dell computer issit?

Me : Yes (I think its the delivery guy)

Unknown male : We are delivering your computer to you house in a moment. Can you tell me where
is this Lorong XX YY ZZ.



I was damn pissed for a while because i have been waiting for it since last Thursday and the sales person ensure me that if I state her name on the Purchase Order form they will delivery it faster.

Dell’s ensures delivery within 5-7 days, and delivering it to me on the 7th day is not exactly "faster".

Me : OOoo.. Where are you coming from?

Delivery guy : We are near to Manjalara now.

Me : Oooo.. then first you go towards MRR2, then make a uturn under the bridge, the immediately
take to the left, and hope that there’s no lorry that is coming your way and kill you. 

And then go down a very steep hill, hopefully it wont kill you when u speed down the hill then ur brake got broken.

Then after N bumpers, turn left into the junction, and hope that the bumpers dint destroy your absorber.

Turn left again at the first junction, and when u see a house with a lot of trees and me holding a baseball bat waiting for you.

That is my house.

Delivery guy : !!

Delivery guy : Ooo.. ok

** Bold, blue colored words are just immaginary words from my head when i was talking. Heck cant blame me from thinking right?

And so they came to my house, armed with Delivery Orders and pen. SkyNet came!!! (Not the one from Terminator series) And there it was, my precioussssssss….

This should give u an idea of what exactly i ordered.


After i took it out of the wrappings, i

1) Uninstall McAfee (or McKafee something). Should have asked them not to install it in the first place. Have to go safe mode to uninstall, sucks.

2) Install my favourite antivirus software – AVG antivirus FREE EDITION (thats why its my favourite :D)

3) Update my windows. (Really encourage you guys to do this, really really helps the stability of you windows)

4) Install Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger

5) Install MS Office, GIMP, Spybot S&D, Firefox

6) Put in my project (which is why i bought this laptop in the first place :P), CFMX and stuffs…

Because I dont have a carry case (Which i think i will brag about it for the rest of my life. DELL YOU LOSERS!!

Couldnt even throw in a free carrying case for a RM3.4k laptop!! YOU SUCK!!!), I found the perfect substitute for it. Behold —


My khakis-shoulder-strap-multipurpose-cool-looking bag, curtosy of ROMP. Look, fits perfect no?



So, the moral of the story is.

It doesnt matter who is the delivery company that delivers your laptop to you. It doesnt matter who your Dell sales-person is.

It doesnt matter whether Dell is a stupid company that cant afford to give a carrying case for a laptop (which is suppose to be carried around quite often).

The thing that matters the most is that, this is my Virgin Laptop.

Oh, to the gawd of Laptops, "Thank ye for delivering me from the laptopless world, and be welcome into thy kingdom of the portable personal computer users. Amen".

So to you that might say "Ei.. Dell no guud la", or "Inspiron 6400 so heavy, how to carry around". I will say "Nah, here 20 cents give u buy sweets and die far far away."

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