Financial Statement

I’ve been troubled by my financial crisis for as long as i could remember (oh wait, i think its since i bought my Rm3k guitar.. hehe). Credit card debts, PTPTN debts, some people owe me money but disappeared to no where. Haih~ To imagine that my total net worth is -RM36k (plus PTPTN loan lah!) and its not that i have a car or a house, I’m starting to worry about how would my future’s going to be? How come rich people become rich hah ? (=.=a

To those that don’t want to become like me, here are some do’s and dont’s :-

1) Never, ever, ever, EVER use your credit card(s) as an extra bonus cash. It only happens in the first month when u got you credit card. Oh yey~ i got extra 6k to use~ Horray~ So you buy this, buy that, spent kao kao with your credit card. Before you know it, you bill arrived with a 4 digit statement balance. Oh shit, no money to pay (because u spent all you cash in hand also). So no choice lo.. hav to pay the mininum amount. For those of you who don’t know (i really know some, really~!), credit card interest is 18% per annum, means 1.5% monthly. Oh little only mah u say. I actually know someone who max out their limit every month and just pay for the amount they wanted to use. Say limit is 8k, so av month he had to pay RM120 just for interest. Its just not worth it, no matter how small the amount is. Commit youself to settle your credit card bills every month.

2) Always go for the better deal. When you rich (i mean temporarily), you’ll tend to spend more than necessary without even knowing. For instance, do you know that for a Sunsilk shampo, Guardian sometimes will sell RM1+ more than Watson or the sundry shop. So why spend more? Make youself a "things to buy" list and plan for the best shopping route / schedule. Although you’ll be more aunty by doing this (not that aunty is not good :P), you’ll save hundreds.

3) Last but not least, when you’ve spent over your budget, ADMIT that you’re poor NO MATTER WHAT. Sometimes for things that you think you’ll need to spend even when you burst your budget, e.g. food, pump petrol to go see your girlfriend.. do it. But people call up and ask u to go clubbing, its better to stay at home la~! Even you’ll get blacklisted by your group of friends and they might not call u in the future. Please la friends, understand its for the best for myself.

As there’s a saying goes :-

Man in the river lake, body doesn’t belong to yourself

You’ve probably tried to do all the above but still you can’t help but to fall prey to all those traps. You’ve got no choice but to be engulfed in the never ending rat race (what the hell am i talking about)… here are some SHORT-TERM solutions that i’ve come to notice:-

1) For Credit Card issues. Apply loan from FAMA (FAMA as in Father, Mother), this will help settle your credit card issue temporarily. You’ll probably think, mah also need to pay back (or not :P). Well, i would rather pay the Rm60+ interest per month to FAMA (0% interest mah), than to the Bank . Of course you can also loan from friends, family, neighbours, girlfriend, bla bla bla…

2) Win lotery, but this you’ll hav to invest first…. not too useful… but if you’re feeling lucky… HeHeHe

3) Go Genting Casino, also need to invest first… also not too useful and your most probably will lose more than win.

4) Declare banckrupcy, you wont need to pay back a single cent. But you wont get to drive a car, go overseas, hire taxi, wear shoes…

5) Rob bank. Need to invest also, for equipments (masks, guns/fake guns, bags for money, hire a few pll)

For LONG TERM solutions, well what can I say, EARN MORE MONEY & SPEND WISELY loh…

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