My babies !!!

Check out my first completed task for my new company. . . It was just a mess before I pimped it out with lots of AJAX and stuffs. Oh, and did I mentioned that there’s a logo design competition for my company. Winner gets USD250 or something like that. Go check it out, should […]

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Work study gym futsal blisters

Busy busy busy … . Working and studying at the same time isn’t something anyone would fancy i suppose. Unless you are some bigshot who plays golf all day long in your penthouse suite office, but I wouldnt call that working though. . To think that I still need to endure this for another year […]

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Dear Santa, I want this for Xmas 🙂

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Im not married …. because

Once upon a time, Ive received a phone call, and it sounded like this :- …… Guy : Hello, good evening sir. My name is xxx, calling from HSBC. Im calling you to tell you about this great promo that we are giving it to selected HSBC credit card members, as a sign of our […]

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New May Resolution

Looking back at the blog, i really felt that time goes by in a blink of an eye. Its been 4 months since ive written anything, yet it seems like just yesterday. Lets cover abit of what I’ve really done in the past few months :- January – Still enjoying the fresh feelings of a […]

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New Years Eve… so what

Lets see… what have i done on the last day of 2005… 8.30 A.M – Waked Up. Looked at my alarm and puzzled. Stared at the clock for 5 seconds, then remembered i have appointment with my personnal trainer. Dang~ there goes my beauty sleep. 9.00 A.M – Reached gym. Start to work out. 2 […]

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Nice Software

Woah.. my 3rd post for today, i must be damn bored. In my last post you probably notice a statement which ive posted. Its generated by a nice little software called AceMoney. Its a simple personnal accounts software, and I’m hooked ever since i’ve used it. Check out this website You can download the […]

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Financial Statement

I’ve been troubled by my financial crisis for as long as i could remember (oh wait, i think its since i bought my Rm3k guitar.. hehe). Credit card debts, PTPTN debts, some people owe me money but disappeared to no where. Haih~ To imagine that my total net worth is -RM36k (plus PTPTN loan lah!) […]

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A revelation

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock.OMG 11:21~!! Well, I guess today’s another scheduled weekly ponteng kerja day. Overslept like mad, probably because yesterday i woke up at 7 and slept at 3am. Or maybe i should go and check my brain for brain damage after overloading my brain with CFML ,SQL and […]

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Bloody Hell~~

Those who club alot might already know this… but to those who doesn’t club alot… and decided one day to go clubbing… wearing your favourite shirt or dress or watever… do please reconsider… so this is the shirt im wearing the other day… looks fine until…. somebody put some shit on the back of my […]

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