Is it …

me? Or is everyone around me falling sick? I woke up today and I felt like my nose had been chop-sticked …. Ah … it’s that time of the year again … Haze season … What a nostalgic feeling that is, I seem to have felt almost the same last time it came – from […]

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I Love My Country

I do not consider myself to be patriotic. I’ve never went to an election. I’ve never did something to make my country proud. And I will never have the guts to take arms and defend my country. But I love this country. It had given me so much and in so many times I’ve taken […]

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Happy Merdeka

Moaning out of my bed today after being woken up by the sound of military jets flying over my house. Its a nice and sunny day today. Anyone listen to Badawi’s speech yesterday on the TV (or live maybe) ?? Wow, can that guy really give a speech!! The power and the way of presenting […]

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