Thank you my friend

Had this sms from my friend a while back, want to share this prayer out to all those who is in need of God’s strength. Father, we cannot see beyond today. We surrender our lives into your hands. Please hold in safekeeping our hearts, heal it and place in it assurance of peace, joy and […]

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Je t'aime

La vie n’a pas de sens sans vous, la vie n’a pas de but sans vous. La douleur ne disparaît pas, ni ne le goût sucré de vos lèvres. Je n’abandonnerai pas. Je ne peux pas abandonner. Parce que je ne peux pas trahir l’amour que vous m’avez donné.

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It doesn’t taste like chicken …

Well, its official. I finally got my long overdued chicken pox. Yeah yeah, I know I should’ve gotten it earlier, so that it won’t be so severe. But hey, I’m not going to put up an advert to ask people with chicken pox to approach me am I? It so happens this is the first […]

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The life that follows

You have stopped talking to me. I know its hard for both of us when we need time and space to forget about each other. Or maybe I’m just naive in thinking that we could remain as close friends who once shared each others life’s stories. You said to me that you’re relieved and you […]

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The decision …

The last thing she said to me was “I’m sure you’re not the guy for my future … I want to move on with my life without you …”

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It’s tough, but I can take a lot more … trust me

Life’s been a great teacher, it so often gives us the most important lessons that we could ever ask for. And like most students, we will never learn before we had actually been punished. And that punishment, be it physical or mental, will make us remember our lessons for the rest of our lives. As […]

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The world is fulled of big babies Pt. II

I am blessed with a plentiful life. Maybe not with all the riches of the world, but definately with the abundance of friends that I hold dear to my heart. Praise God. Yet like a big baby, I demand more and more of what was given to me by grace. Asking for things which I […]

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Carpe Diem …

I’ve heard this phrase before, and I’ve heard it again today. Which makes me wonder where does it come from, and what does it mean. HotForWords decides to investigate. The phrase Carpe Diem, as most of us might know it, means “seize the day”. It is taken from a Latin poem by Quintus Horatius […]

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Is it …

me? Or is everyone around me falling sick? I woke up today and I felt like my nose had been chop-sticked …. Ah … it’s that time of the year again … Haze season … What a nostalgic feeling that is, I seem to have felt almost the same last time it came – from […]

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Wuaaaaahhh …..

My first post in 2 months ….. !!!! And … that sums up what I wanted to say during those 2 months … which sucksssssssss … Nope, nothing more to say besides that. Oh … I got my own domain now … which doesn’t make me feel any different than before I got it … […]

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