Boring Saturday

Dsc00140Always hated working on a saturday. Especially today since im the only one left in the office. So i’ve decided to take a few pictures around my workplace….

Dsc00130My desk…

From right to left :
Dsc00133– my trusty mouse
– my trusty monitor & keyboard
– my trusty phone
– pass card & key for the office, coz i have to come tomorow (sunday!!!)

– my trusty phone’s cord
– my trusty mug
– my trusty pen holder
– my trusty scrap paper
                          – my trusty highlighter
                          – my trusty paper/file holder
                          – my trusty scrap paper (stack)

– my trusty P4 1.7GHz crone workstation
– not my trusty phone & network cables lying around beneath my desk

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