Bloody Hell~~

Those who club alot might already know this… but to those who doesn’t club alot… and decided one day to go clubbing… wearing your favourite shirt or dress or watever… do please reconsider…

Dsc00162so this is the shirt im wearing the other day… looks fine until….

Dsc00160somebody put some shit on the back of my shirt… apparently the shit on the back of my shirt was some blood smears…. don’t know how the hell it got there.. but it got there… didnt your mom tell you not to play with your blood???


Dsc00161i mean look at this… this shit cant be removed… and it stays on forever… and for those who don’t know… u can get some serious virus shit like ebola or HIV or  something if u have a cut on your skin…


Seriously… if u found out that you head or nose or your eyes or your nipples or something is fucking bleeding… get the hell out of a crowd and don’t fucking touch other pll… Although the shirt cost me just a few bucks… but seriosly i need to go for medical check-up for this shit … And seriously if your trying to frame somebody for murder… it takes more than a few stupid blood smears to do it… so please have a heart, if not two… and dont do this to other pll…. and I pray to god that this doesnt happen to anyone else… amen

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