I sort of "lost" my USB Bluetooth device

Dsc00269_1a while ago, and I found it today, lying beneath a pile of paper on my desk…

Well the reason i’ve missed it so much is that i wanted to download some really nice FOOD photos i’ve found a while ago.


One day me and my gf was looking for food around Desa Sri Hartamas, and i stumbled upon this Korean BBQ Restaurant. And immediately all i can smell the grilled, fat, juicy meat thats waiting for me inside.


So, here we go ~~

The shop has 2 floors. At the ground floor, you can find some typical family type table & enviroment settings, nothing really interesting. So we decided to go to the 1st floor.

Now here’s a different story. This floor is totally different. The tables are low, and you sit on a raised floor, just like a Korean would!!


Now would you look at the menu. OMG so classy (lucky i brought my credit card)…



We ordered BBQ Ribeye STEAK(of course)!! And i would never imagine that this is what i got






Something really worth mention about this restaraunt, is that u hardly ever have any smell of oily smoke inside.

And I found out why when they turn on the vacuum UNDER THE STOVE ! Which obviously sucks away all the unwanted smoke/smell, and keeping the customer cool and cozy. Really nice and considerate. Not to mention the free flow of ice water 😀


Well, this is wats left of the carnage 😛



This stuff cost around RM45 per set, we ordered 2 sets that day and could barely finish it. So i would recon that 1 set would b quite enuf for a guy and a gal.

Its a really nice place to hangout, cozy environment. Great place to bring your gf. Definately deserve to be in my list of favourite restaurants.

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