A revelation

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock.OMG 11:21~!! Well, I guess today’s another scheduled weekly ponteng kerja day. Overslept like mad, probably because yesterday i woke up at 7 and slept at 3am. Or maybe i should go and check my brain for brain damage after overloading my brain with CFML ,SQL and Linux Programming – HGBS (Head Getting Bigger Syndrome). Oh btw, the reason I slept 3am yesterday was this —-> Dsc00111_1

Since my dad pentioned and got nothing to do, he went a bought huge stacks of DVD drama series like "dai cheong gam", "3 guo yan yi" and of coz this "han wu da di". And everyday he will boil one DVD (thats about 5-6 hours straight ? hehe). So, there i was, watching "han wu da di" with my dad. I like the movie, although some might think its a low-class-china-drama-series. It tells a story of this emperor in the Han dinasty, from when he was just a boy, to the time he became emperor of Han Dinasty, until the end of his reign. What captivates me is how the movie captures the series of plot to bring down the emperor, and how the emperor manage to settle it one by one, until the day that he had total control over his country. He became emperor at the age of 13, and although he’s emperor, the one in control was the emperor’s grandmother. He had great vision of how to make his empire strong and prosperous, but because these visions conflicted with the interests of people on the emperor’s in-laws side, people start to bring him down. Its all about POLITICS. How to wrestle with people who are stonger than you, its all about PREPERATION. Thats how you out-manuvour your opponents. Under-the-table method or behind-ones-back method are only ways of self-destruction when u go against the rightous. Long Live The Emperor~!!!

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