The persuit of a life without glasses

I’ve been looking and following the developement of LASIK surgery for quite a while now. It used to be a Hollywood extravagance where the treatment was so expensive that only movie stars could afford it. Not to mention it was quite dangerous at that time. According to research done by the Medical Defence Union (MDU) […]

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The world is fulled of big babies

== Deleted == This entry is being deleted because it represents one of the darker chapters of my life. And while it represents only my own personnal opinions and emotional outbursts in cyberspace, the devastation had proven to be as real as it can get. I hereby sincerely apologize for all that I’ve said and […]

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Visitors from afar …

Someone famous visited our humble office the other day. He is a relative of our good friend Mr Bill Gates. He is actually quite well known around the world and sometimes he will make frequent visits to your house eventhough you do not want him to. A pesky buggar he is. But none the less, […]

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I’m sure you all remember the time when Initial D swept across the nation with its (in)famous Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. So famous that people has started to paint their cars with panda colors. So it wasn’t much of a suprise for me when I see these kind of panda paint jobs. BUT one day, […]

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