Terry Fox Run KL

After reading about the Terry Fox Run KL on Kenny‘s blog, I decided for the first time in my life to join a charity marathon run. I dun like to walk, let alone run. I slipped and fell and landed on my arse a few days ago (dun ask me how … too embarrassing). I’m […]

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Funny Exams …

Speaking of exams … read this on Timothy’s blog. LOLLLLLLL !!! FUNNY AS HELL !!!! Wish i could do that for all my exams … 😛

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Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy

Whoa … been absent quite a while … Really got no time to blog la … :'( Anyway, updates. Been very busy on assignments lately, I’ve already completed 3 assignments up to date and guess what … 2 more to go … :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( For those who don’t know better, studying part time is not that […]

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Trying to get a feel of Joomla. Installed it but didn’t get much done. Anyone wants to share abit of their Joomla experience?

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My road is better

One day, Ahmad was chating with Ah Kau. Ahmad : You know? The road in front of my house is so good. It’s very wide, so wide even if you double parking on both side there’s still space to let a car through. It’s very beautiful, got flowers and trees at the side of the […]

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The thing with the thumb

Saw this at one of the clinics that I’ve went to a while back … Use your THUMB to talk to your doctors about Erection Difficulties today! Some funny shit going on here in this clinic … (@[email protected])a Maybe they got their inspiration from the Mr Bean movie. LMAO !!!

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