God Bless Their Soul

I’m deeply sadden by the recent events that happened in Myanmar. I’m more sadden by the fact that this has to happen in the first place. Lives were lost, blood shed. All because the Government doesn’t give a shit of what the people wants. And finally, it happened – The Saffron Revolution. This is pure […]

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Don’t Sue Me Citreon ….

Sue the guy who made this … or the gal who sent this to my email 😛

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Its the day after Halo 3

No wonder half the world is not at work today.

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Having a dream tonight?

I don’t usually gamble, and I’ve only bought 4-digits-numbers like 3-4 times in my life. Not because I’m trying to set a good example, but because I suck at it. I still remember at the FIFA World Cup 1998 and I used to “tumpang” my friend’s betting, and turns out everytime I “tumpang” him he […]

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Leave Britney Alone!!!

OMG … Have you guys seen this?? The first thing that pops up in my mind is – “is that a he or a she” …. And then I saw this ….. . . . . ROFLMFAO !!!

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This is the dawn of a new era of social networking~!!! For those who don’t know better, there’s a new service in town that will revolutionize the way we communicate with our circle of friends. PacMee is the latest trend in the industry of social bookmarking websites. PAC stands for Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication, and […]

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Been sick since Monday, starting from food poisoning to severe cough, fever & throat infection. Man, I felt so sick about all those different symptoms that I feel like creating an entirely new blog category dedicated just for it @[email protected] Somehow I managed to tough it up until Thursday and I finally got to a […]

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Trip To PJ Digital Mall

It all started like any other day, boring day, where I’ve just finished my class and was driving home from my school. Suddenly while waiting for traffic light at the big intersection at Jalan Ampang, the stupid commercial of Digital Mall popped up in my mind (the one where the security guard danced like rock […]

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I feel like I’ve wasted 3 hours of my life (including writing this post), which I’m never going to get it back, on something totally retarded and useless. After reading a post on NicoleKiss’s website about the new IM called Moji from TM net, I decided to use the opportunity to approach her check out […]

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My friend Kai Jun seems to be obsessed with this J-POP gal and keeps on ranting about it. So I decided to check it out myself … Guess what? I’m hooked! On one song … KOTOKO – Re-Sublimity I had to admit … this song just ROCKS! Its like Eurobeat (Initial D type music) + […]

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