Nice Software

Woah.. my 3rd post for today, i must be damn bored. In my last post you probably notice a statement which ive posted. Its generated by a nice little software called AceMoney. Its a simple personnal accounts software, and I’m hooked ever since i’ve used it. Check out this website You can download the […]

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Financial Statement

I’ve been troubled by my financial crisis for as long as i could remember (oh wait, i think its since i bought my Rm3k guitar.. hehe). Credit card debts, PTPTN debts, some people owe me money but disappeared to no where. Haih~ To imagine that my total net worth is -RM36k (plus PTPTN loan lah!) […]

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A revelation

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock.OMG 11:21~!! Well, I guess today’s another scheduled weekly ponteng kerja day. Overslept like mad, probably because yesterday i woke up at 7 and slept at 3am. Or maybe i should go and check my brain for brain damage after overloading my brain with CFML ,SQL and […]

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