It’s alive again !!!

After a year … and a couple of sleepless nights … I finally got to a point where I think I can relaunch this site without embarrassing myself too much 🙂

I’ve consolidated the blog into my main site, changed the About page, and added a new section called Projects.

Not sure this is the way to go yet, I’m sure I’ll experiment some more as I go along.

The homepage is still a work in progress … and it will always be :p Have something cool in mind but not have the time to work on it yet. Hopefully will get it done before the end of the month.

Woahh ~~ tired .. Time for old man to go to bed

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The Internet

One of the best explaination I’ve seen before …

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Stop motion

Best stop motion on humans I’ve seen(yet). Nice MTV and a lovely song.

Sun been down for days
A pretty flower in a vase
A slipper by the fireplace
A cello lying in its case

Soon she’s down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And She goes…
Nobody knows

Sun been down for days
A winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
As she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught
By a thread
She pays for the bread
And She goes…
Nobody knows

And She fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
Where people are pleasently strange
And counting the change
And She goes…
Nobody knows

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… is just a way of bringing out a more important message

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Quote of the day

Christ – the Only Complete Realist

No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good. A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. After all, you find out the strength of the German Army by fighting it, not by giving in. You find out the strength of the wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down. A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in. We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it: and Christ, because He was the only man who never yield to temptation, is the only man who knows to the full what temptation means-the only complete realist (C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity).

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Ho Ho HO … Happy Holidays ~!!!!

… and that’s another holiday “Ho No”

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Thank you my friend

Had this sms from my friend a while back, want to share this prayer out to all those who is in need of God’s strength.

Father, we cannot see beyond today. We surrender our lives into your hands. Please hold in safekeeping our hearts, heal it and place in it assurance of peace, joy and love.

Thank you for your concern my dear friend. And most of all thank you Lord for being our righteous and merciful savior.

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… means seeing what others can’t see

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Je t'aime

La vie n’a pas de sens sans vous, la vie n’a pas de but sans vous. La douleur ne disparaĂ®t pas, ni ne le goĂ»t sucrĂ© de vos lèvres. Je n’abandonnerai pas. Je ne peux pas abandonner.

Parce que je ne peux pas trahir l’amour que vous m’avez donnĂ©.

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It doesn’t taste like chicken …

Well, its official. I finally got my long overdued chicken pox. Yeah yeah, I know I should’ve gotten it earlier, so that it won’t be so severe. But hey, I’m not going to put up an advert to ask people with chicken pox to approach me am I?

It so happens this is the first time I was in close quarters with somebody with chicken pox.

Well, the reason I’m blogging about this is that I can’t sleep coz it hurts & itch so much to share some of my horrid experience with the world and some do’s and don’ts that I think will prevent from making it worse.



I am NOT a trained medical professional and all the opinions below are strictly my own. Follow my advise at your own risk.


1) Don’t blame the wrong people.

Lets do some wikipeding :-

Chickenpox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally begins with spots appearing in two or three waves, mainly on the body and head rather than the hands and becoming itchy raw pockmarks, small open sores which heal mostly without scarring.

Chickenpox has a 10-21 day incubation period and is spread easily through aerosolized droplets from the nasopharynx of ill individuals or through direct contact with secretions from the rash. Following primary infection there is usually lifelong protective immunity from further episodes of chickenpox.


So you see, the desease would only be infectious until the rashes started to appear. So if you get the pox with a friend or colleague, and both of you starts having the symptoms about the same time. Most likely somebody else gave it to you both.

So don’t blame the one that fall sick first. Unless he/she came in contact with you with a body full of rashes or still subsiding 10-21 days before your symptoms show.

2) Don’t think its just a fever / headache / rash / huge pimple

To those who haven’t got the pox yet, I think they should always be on the look out when little bit of the symptoms starts showing.


Some precurring symptoms that I’ve went through :-

  1. Fever with HUGE HUGE headache
  2. Your head feels very hot and about to explode.
  3. Recurring fever.
  4. Huge painful pimple/appearing (in my case around my head & neck).
  5. The headache won’t go away. So is the feeling of very-hot-ness.

If you have most of those symptoms showing, you should be on alert and check out for any new formation of sores/pimples, especially those that appear to be reddish in color.

3) Don’t wait

If you can see sores and rashes appearing (in places you would never imagine) it is probably the start of the first wave of the chickenpox attack.

You will easily see the distintive sores with water pockets at the middle.

Get to the doctor, or your parents if you’re a minor, IMMEDIATELY. They will know what to do.

4) Do some basic grooming

If you feel like you’re going to get the pox, its best to go cut your hair first if you have the chance. It makes a lot of different, believe me, when the sores starts to come out on your scalp.

Cut your finger nails/toe nails. You want to be able to scratch lightly when you couldn’t take the itch, and not wounding the sores.

5) Don’t wear tight clothings

Need I explain anymore?

You’ll feel so uncomfortable you wish you could walk around naked.

6) Don’t skip your meds

I know its tempting to think that its getting a lot better after your meds during the first few days, because the medicine had killed the virusses right?


Like most viral deseases, it won’t get better until your body has developed the antibody for it. In the case of chicken pox, the body will build up the immunity against the virus. And it takes at least 4-5 days do that.

So expect a second or third wave (if you’re so unlucky) of the pox appearing.

The meds that doctors gave will suppress it, and treat your symptoms (ie. fever, pain, itchiness), but not cure it. That part is left to your body’s immune system. And it takes time.

Put on lots of calamine lotion, don’t be shy to get another bottle from the doctor. It will help cool you down and kill bacterias on your skin that will cause infection.

7) Don’t sleep with thick blanket

The moment I cover myself with my blanket, I knew something was wrong.

Basically you will feel the rashes all over your body dancing and jumping together. Not a good feeling.

And if you slept in it. I can assure you next day you’ll wake up with lots more rashes.

If you’re really cold, try to get one of those bath towels. They should be quite thin and can provide some insulation.

8 ) Don’t scratch

I know its hard. Believe me I know.

But trust me if you scratch it until it’s burst. You will feel pain, not itch. And you’ll leave with scars.

So, don’t scratch.

9) Drink more cooling drinks

Well the most commonly recommended drinks that people would recommend you would be coconut water.

Get the one that’s pure, not diluted and no sugar. Straight from the coconut.

10) Maintain good hygiene

It is important to maintain good hygiene and daily cleaning of skin with warm water to avoid secondary bacterial infection. [source]

11) Grit your teeth and pray to God that it will be over soon

It is a spiritual battle. If it’s not itchy its painful, if it’s not painful its itchy. There’s no other way around it.

This is the time you’ll need the Lord’s strength to get you through this.

12) Get the vaccine

I know, it’s a bit too late for that.

BUT, what you can do is to tell those who don’t know about it to go and get the vaccine. And I’m sure with your horrifying experience, you will have little problem convincing them.


So, that about it. I hope anyone who reads this have a rough idea what to do and what not to do during your episode.

To those who are suffering like me, I feel all of you out there. And my prayers are with you.

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