Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • When Jimmy Ngu talks everyone listens... and dies.
  • Jimmy Ngu... enough said.
  • Jimmy Ngu irons his trousers with them still on.
  • Jimmy Ngu can play a whole note in 3/4 time.
  • Jimmy Ngu donates blood to NASA for rocket fuel.
  • Jimmy Ngu uses battery acid as mouthwash.
  • Jimmy Ngu once watched a Steven Seagal movie. he was forced to kill everyone in his area, for he had just shed his first tear- of boredom.
  • If Jimmy Ngu was the star of 24 the show would be called 1.
  • When Jimmy Ngu closes his eyes, an eclipse occurs.
  • Jimmy Ngu can make noise in outer space.
  • A super sentry gun with 1,000,000 rounds per minute Is just a Jimmy Ngu pistol.
  • It has been said that if you name any custom class in Call of Duty "Jimmy Ngu" you will instantly win every match you set foot in.
  • When Jimmy Ngu stands on the beach, the tide is afraid to come in.
  • Why doesn't Jimmy Ngu eat vegetables? Jimmy Ngu only eats red meat.
  • Clothes dont fit Jimmy Ngu. Jimmy Ngu fits clothes.
  • The Matrix was made to keep Jimmy Ngu at bay.....it didn't work.
  • Jimmy Ngu was once bitten by a poisonous snake. after three das of excrutiating pain, the cobra died.
  • There is a light at the end of every tunnel...just pray it's not Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu wrote his own IMDB profile using the power of his beard.
  • Jimmy Ngu can bend objects without even looking at them.

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