Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • The second hardest element in the universe is Jimmy Ngu. The first only comes into existance when Jimmy gets excited.
  • Jimmy Ngu can divide a number by zero.
  • Jimmy Ngu can pretend air planes in the night sky are like shooting stars.
  • Jimmy Ngu has no friends...or enemies, because he needs no friends, and all enemies would be roundhouse kicked in the face.
  • Jimmy Ngu made Joey Jordison as his own drums.
  • In a warzone, you're not being shot by heavy fire, you're being punched rapidly by Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu hates you... cuz you're not Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu can bend objects without even looking at them.
  • Jimmy Ngu doesn't need to wear a belt, he just tells his trousers to stay up.
  • ....and on the 8th day GOD created Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu CAN eat just one, and then roundhouses the rest of the bag.
  • Never ding dong ditch Jimmy Ngu....He will follow the scent of fear.
  • Jimmy Ngu roundhoused some wannabe cop named Agent Sasevel so hard that it rearranged the letters of his name to Steven Seagal.
  • Jimmy Ngu once caught his own stare in a mirror. Space-time has yet to recover.
  • Jimmy Ngu doesn't need to ask Google to pixelize his house, because Google doesn't dare to shoot Jimmy Ngu house.
  • Jimmy Ngu can unscramble eggs.
  • The Matrix was made to keep Jimmy Ngu at bay.....it didn't work.
  • Jimmy Ngu was in the expendables movie, however the movie had to be redone as critics heads exploded from the sheer awesomeness of the movie.
  • Jimmy Ngu'ss show is called Walker: Texas Ranger, because Jimmy Ngu doesn't run.
  • Jimmy Ngu'ss 10 gallon hat can actually fit 10 gallons.

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