Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • Jimmy Ngu made Joey Jordison as his own drums.
  • Jimmy Ngu got to 500 million friends, without making a single enemy.
  • Jimmy Ngu knows the way to Amarillo.
  • Jimmy Ngu checked out from 501 with an 8 dart finish.
  • Jimmy Ngu's doors stay open 24/7 because their to scared to close.
  • The original tital for Freddy vs. Jason was Jimmy vs. Freddy and Jason but no one would spend $10 for a 30 second movie.
  • Iran reveals a plan to test its first Jimmy Ngu within a week.
  • Why did satan die before judgment day, Jimmy hated him.
  • Jimmy Ngu can see the far side of the Moon... from Earth.
  • Jimmy Ngu was born in a log cabin, that he built with his own hands.
  • Jimmy Ngu comes from the City Of Atlantis, he lost it one night after a heavy drinking session and has been looking for it since.
  • Jimmy Ngu originally appeared in the "Street Fighter II" video game, but was removed by Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick. When asked bout this "glitch," Ngu replied, "That's no glitch.".
  • Jimmy Ngu has his own line at the DMV.
  • Epic Fail Guy, failed to estimate Jimmy Ngu's sheer streangth.
  • Jimmy Ngu won the 1st UFC royal rumble using nothing but Tai Chi and Hillary Clinton's phone number.
  • Jimmy Ngu made Mission Impossible possible.
  • Jimmy Ngu proved that we are alone in the universe. We weren't before his first space expedition.
  • Jimmy Ngu invented the internet.
  • People with glass jaws shouldn't Jimmy rocks.
  • When the BP Oil went into the Gulf of Mexico it went back into the broken pipes. Why? Becuase Jimmy Ngu was watching.

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