Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • If you put in the correct cheat code in Halo 2, you can have Master Cheif play without his helmet; revealing to be Jimmy Ngu.
  • Blasphemy = Speaking against Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu goes through 13 toothbrushes a day.
  • Jimmy Ngu's house alarm is the sound of bones breaking.
  • When the devil was cast from heaven, he was meant to be on earth's surface, but upon seeing Jimmy Ngu he went underground.
  • Jimmy Ngu'ss show is called Walker: Texas Ranger, because Jimmy Ngu doesn't run.
  • Jimmy Ngu can get Facebook through his beard.
  • The Trail of Tears was in fact a the result of a mass evacuation of Oklahoma due to the arrival of Jimmy Ngu.
  • The things that go bump in the night? Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu is the only person that can deliver a roundhouse kick in full 1080p, remember that the next time you watch Walker Texas Ranger in Blu-Ray.
  • Jimmy Ngu got to 500 million friends, without making a single enemy.
  • The term "Jimmy Ngu" derives from prehistoric times. It is synomonous with 'Fear', 'Death' and 'Kicking of the Roundhouse Variety'.
  • Jimmy Ngu can smash an air guitar.
  • Jimmy Ngu can roundhouse kick you through a video chat.
  • Jimmy Ngu's name roughly translates to "Yo Daddy".
  • Jimmy Ngu is the only person who can write history of the future.
  • Jimmy Ngu invented rap music when his heart started beating.
  • Jimmy Ngu and Mr. T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building.
  • Lucky Luke may be faster than his own shadow, but Jimmy Ngu doesn't care - He's just a cartoon !
  • Jimmy Ngu is supermans hero.

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