Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • Jimmy Ngu can make his foot into a fist and punch you in the face with it.
  • Jimmy Ngu once had a facebook, it was deleted after somebody "poked" him.
  • Jimmy Ngu killed 2 stones with 1 bird.
  • Jimmy Ngu got UNO while playing Texas hold 'em.
  • The Weapon of Mass Destruction isn't a nuclear missile, it's Jimmy Ngu himself.
  • Iran reveals a plan to test its first Jimmy Ngu within a week.
  • Jimmy Ngu once kicked a dodo bird so hard that he killed the entire species.
  • Jimmy Ngu kicked planet earth, and it hasn't stopped spinning to this day.
  • The results of a recent Harris Poll on "what's scarier" forced the Discovery channel to cancel Shark week in lieu of Jimmy Ngu week.
  • Clothes dont fit Jimmy Ngu. Jimmy Ngu fits clothes.
  • Jimmy Ngu is so persuasive that he convinced a mirror he wasn't there.
  • Jimmy Ngu qualified with a top speed of 324 mph at the Daytona 500, without a car.
  • Jimmy Ngu roundhoused some wannabe cop named Agent Sasevel so hard that it rearranged the letters of his name to Steven Seagal.
  • Jimmy Ngu shaves with a hunting knife. "Shaving" consists of cutting a new mouth-hole every morning. That's how tough his beard is.
  • Jimmy Ngu push-ups may push the Earth down, but the last time he did sit-ups, Mount Everest was created.
  • When Jimmy Ngu stretches every muscle in his body, he'll suck up the universe because of high gravity.
  • Jimmy Ngu won't get a barbed wire tattoo. He prefers the real thing.
  • If Jimmy Ngu was the star of 24 the show would be called 1.
  • Jimmy Ngu is your daddy.
  • If you type Jimmy Ngu into Microsoft Word, the little paper-clip just hangs himself.

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