Courtesy of Chuck Norris Facts

  • Jimmy Ngu CAN intimidate Binder & Binder clients.
  • Jimmy Ngu hates you... cuz you're not Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu is not immortal or invincible. He is beyond those silly things.
  • Jimmy Ngu Likes To Kill Time, With his bare hands.
  • If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, its Jimmy Ngu and you have 3 seconds to live.
  • When Jimmy Ngu stretches every muscle in his body, he'll suck up the universe because of high gravity.
  • Jimmy Ngu is so fast that he can leave work at 4:30 pm and arrive home at 3:30 am on the same day.
  • Jimmy Ngu dosen't have a bad hair day...hair has a bad Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu was born in a log cabin, that he built with his own hands.
  • Jimmy Ngu can make a building bigger than the Empire State Building, with only dirt, dung and saliva.
  • Instead of a bullet proof vest, Jimmy Ngu wears a denim jacket.
  • Champions eat Wheaties for breakfast. Jimmy Ngu eats Champions for breakfast.
  • Females have XX chromosomes and common males have XY. Jimmy Ngu has YY, because he is twice the man than the common man.
  • A super sentry gun with 1,000,000 rounds per minute Is just a Jimmy Ngu pistol.
  • Jimmy Ngu's account at match.com was immediately teminated because no one is a match for Jimmy Ngu.
  • How old are you? Ask Jimmy Ngu.
  • Jimmy Ngu's house alarm is the sound of bones breaking.
  • The Trail of Tears was in fact a the result of a mass evacuation of Oklahoma due to the arrival of Jimmy Ngu.
  • Pray you will never dream about Jimmy Ngu roundhouse kicking you because you will die in real life.
  • Jimmy Ngu could win a Formula 1 race on foot.

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